Mr. Heinrich received his degree from the Art Institute of Chicago and has spent more than forty years making a living from the arts.

After graduating from the Art Institute, Mr. Heinrich became an artist, a teacher, and an early set designer and builder for the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, at the same time. Those experiences made his life all the richer and gave him the confidence to go out on his own and become a full time artist.

A studio fire in the eighties burnt his studio to the ground and lost an entire show of work along with his possessions. This minor setback sent him on a variety of side trips in his career.

Mr. Heinrich says: “ I have always been able to follow what has interested me at the time. That has allowed me to do things as varied as framing shows for the Art Institute and the Terra Museum to making specialized sets and props for photographers, ad agencies, corporations all the while producing my own art - my vision”.

One of his favorite achievements was owning a gallery in Chicago called “ OH BOY”. For years he was able to travel the back roads of America seeking out artists and spending time with them. “ Spending time with these people let me know there is still an America out there. Their generosity of spirit and time has left a lasting impression on me.”

Mr. Heinrich came to realize a commonality with them. “ I was finally able to figure out the creative spirit. I, like them, see the potential in everything and canʼt not make things. I have more ideas than time, probably.

“ I have been exploring two related themes for the last couple of years utilizing words, (old discarded books and and letters and ephemera to make faces), anthropomorphizing objects and literally reading faces.

"One thing has led me to another, but I still need to get back to the sculpture ideas I was working on before. What a wonderful dilemma.

“I once heard a quote and I donʼt know who to attribute it to... WHEN I DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN I INTEND TO SPEND A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF MY FIRST MILLION OR SO MAKING ART.”

Mr. Heinrich has participated in numerous one man and group shows across the U.S.

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